Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Guide to Getting a Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Mexico

For Zoom! Teeth Whitening must use the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp whats to accelerate the bleaching process.

The lamp activates the 25% of hydrogen peroxide whitening, as the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin to bleach the stained substances, leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged.

Guide to Getting a Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Mexico

Dentists advise a dental cleaning before Zoom! Teeth Whitening, the full process takes less than an hour and a half.

The main advantage of Zoom! Teeth Whitening is the change is immediate and long-lasting.

You’ll have a Hollywood smile in a few days instead of waiting for countless sessions with other dental whitening treatments.

Average Zoom! Teeth Whitening Cost: USD 150 to 312

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Zoom! Whitening Cost in Mexico
USD 150 to 312


Zoom! Teeth Whitening Cost In Mexico


Average Price For Zoom! Teeth Whitening In Mexico

Cost In Tijuana
Cost In Cancun
Cost In Nuevo Progreso
Cost In Los Algodones

Most visited destinations for dental treatments in Mexico

It is important to find a comfortable location that has all the equipment and technologies available such as 3D scans, digital dentistry, Cad / Cam laboratory to perform these treatments correctly in a short period of time. If you are looking for a comfortable clinic and around beautiful beach these places are indicated.


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