Prices for Temporary Partial in Mexico - A Flipper tooth Cost

A Temporary Partial Denture or dental flipper is a removable and partial denture. Dentists or oral surgeons use it as a temporary solution as a result of one or more missing teeth.

Temporary partial dentures are also an alternative when a medical condition(autoimmune disease, diabetes, etc ) can easily
complicate the placement of dental implants. Talk with your dentist about you medical advice to get the best choice.


Benefits of a flipper tooth

  • Very affordable compared to other denture alternatives
  • Aesthetic appearance, flipper dentures helps you to fill in the gaps of the lost natural teeth or tooth and it simulates part of the gums
  • Keeps your teeth in place, a flipper fills the gaps, which avoids your bit suffering any movements
  • You got a healthy smile and recover your oral health in a very short time,  dentists can create it the same day you need it

How do I take care of a flipper?

Keeping regular oral hygiene will be enough to care your flipper teeth safe. Just follow these simple steps to keep your prosthetic tooth or teeth as new:

  • Wash your flipper every day with a soft bristle brush and warm water to avoid the production of bacteria
  • Don’t wash it with toothpaste, better choose hand soap or dishwashing liquid
  • Avoid very colored food and beverages, such as coffee, wine, curry, chocolate, etc. They can stain your prosthetic teeth.
  • When you aren’t using the flipper is better to keep it humid (denture cleaning soak or purified warm water), to avoid preventing the partial denture from breaking. When a flipper is too dry it is more prone to breakage or deformities
  • Brush your natural teeth and gums twice a day as a minimum, to keep healthy the base of the flipper.

How long can you wear a flipper tooth?

Remember that a Temporary Partial Denture is planned to work as a temporary replacement, which makes it more fragile and hard to keep for a long time.

If you wear the flipper for more time you can damage your gums and existing teeth.

Temporary Partial or Flipper Tooth Costs In Mexico

The final cost of a temporary partial denture may vary depending on the number of teeth you need to replace

Flipper Tooth Costs In Mexico

Cost In TijuanaUSD 52 to 314 Cost In PueblaUSD 78 to 731
Cost In Puerto VallartaUSD 45 to 300 Cost In Los AlgodonesUSD 50 to 200
Cost In Playa del CarmenUSD 73 to 1,000

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