Full Denture Prices in Mexico

A full denture is worn for most of the day, as a replacement for natural teeth and taken out for cleaning at night. The partial denture works in the same way, but it is clipped on to the remaining natural teeth. Two main parts consist the Full Dentures, know as artificial teeth and the denture base.

Previously described, to restore the natural appareance of the tooth is used an artificial one, also helps with occlusion (teeth align), oral function, and helps in word pronunciation.


To restore the defective soft and hard tissues is used a dental base, this is to keep the artificial tooth in his place.

Biting force is distributed from the artificial tooth through the denture base to the oral mucosa and bone tissues.

The Full Denture base covers a large area of the oral mucosa more than that of RPDs complete dentures that can cover this functions, this to solved the necesity to obtaine natural tooth support.

Unlike RPD’s, with complete dentures connectors are not used as there is no need for space to install a major connector onto the complete denture, and minor connectors cannot be used since no healthy abutment is available.

Full Dentures Cost In Mexico

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