Cost of Dentures in Mexico - Patient Guide

Immediate Dentures are recommended when the patient’s major teeth or the full set of teeth are very damaged by cavities or gum disease.

With dentures, the patient can receive their new teeth the same day as the extractions

In the lab, dental technicians model the denture and fabricate the immediate denture.

The denture will require adjustments and relining to make it fit better.

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Average cost of Dentures in Mexico

How much are Dentures in Mexico? Different type of dentures


Mexico prices for
Acrylic Dentures

USD 200 to 1,340


Mexico prices for
Immediate Dentures

USD 130 to 836


Mexico prices for
Temporary Partial or Flipper

USD 50 to 350


Mexico prices for
Flexible Partial Dentures

USD 252 to 834


Mexico prices for
Full Dentures

USD 230 to 1,386


Mexico prices for
Metal Frame Denture

USD 198 to 650

Dental Prosthetics

A dental Prosthesis(removable dentures) is a mobile replacement for natural teeth.

They’re not invasive like implants because the denture placement is directly on top of the gums and not inside the jaw bone.

In addition, the greatest advantage of a prosthesis is that it can be easily removed for the night and cleaned. The biggest disadvantage is they don’t stop the bone loss


Unlike an implant supported denture (for example, snap on dentures or fixed dentures), they don’t require bone structure to hold them.

After a period of adjustment, they give back the person the ability to chew and so improve the life quality.

Prostheses are mostly made of plastic or ceramic and even ceramic prostheses are still cheaper than implants.

People decide to use prosthesis when they consider implants or bridges to be too expensive, or too complicated.

The construction time for prosthesis is approximately equal to one month.

The first step is when the dentist gives a diagnosis and creates the plan of therapy.

In the course of the second session, the dentist constructs a wax mask to detect the best line of the bite.


Next, during the third session the alignment, the color and the shape of the new teeth are defined.

Finally, during the last visit, the dentist delivers the prosthesis and gives all the recommendations for use to the patient.

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Process dentures in Mexico

The Cad / Cam machine produces a model impression of the denture that will be placed

Denture process
Denture process
Denture process

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