All on 4 Cost Mexico: Patient Guide

In this guide, you can find out how to be a well-informed dental tourist by reading our guide on All-on-X Treatment. We will cover all the aspects you must know before going abroad for an “All on 4” Dental Implants. 

We have seen and heard many horror and successful studies.

Over years of research and customer experience, we have come up with the most accurate guide to pricing, materials, time frames, and doctors available in Mexico.

All this information will help you find a dental office to get full arch dental implants in Mexico for your dental work and pay less than USD 16K for upper and lower “All on 4” Dental Implants with a hybrid denture.

All On 4 Dental Implants Cost in Mexico

All on 4 Implants Mexico Cost (Price per jaw)

“All on 4” Cost per LocationAverage Prices
Tijuana CostUSD 6,543 to 12,000
Cancun CostUSD 10,000 to 12,400
Puerto Vallarta CostUSD 5,600 to 9,485
Nogales CostUSD 6,010
Los Algodones CostUSD 8,000 to 9,200
Playa del Carmen CostUSD 8,431 to 13,200
All-on-4 Calident 
USD 8,000 4 implants and zirconia finals, USD 4,000 per arch

All on 4 Mexico Cost - Explained

Implants - Extractions - Bonegrafting - Temporaries - Final Teeth

Average Pricing “All On 4” Dental Implants

USD 10k per arch includes 4 Dental Implants, extractions, fixed acrylic temporary teeth on the first trip, zirconia full-arch restoration final teeth.

What can vary between different dentists in Mexico on pricing?

There are many Dental Clinics in Mexico that provide one price to fits all the implants treatments.

In some cases, this can be beneficial for you by getting lower prices or making it more expensive.

Above, you can find out the average price that fits for “All on 4” Dental Implants.

If you want to see other factors, like gum disease or diseased jawbone, that might affect and influence the final price of your dental implants, keep reading.


All on 4 in Mexico - Detailed Cost

In Mexico you can Save 83% for the same treatment

Surgical Phase

Simple Extraction of 4 units
USD 200 to 300 Average cost
Bone Graft of 4 units
USD 800 to 1,200 average cost
Placement of 4 Dental Implants
USD 3,600 to 4,000 average cost
Temporary Prosthesis
USD 600 to 800 average cost

Restorative Phase

Fixed Hybrid Denture with Abutments
USD 5,000 to 6,000

Total Cost “All on 4”

Average Cost per Jaw
USD 10,200 to 12,300

All on 4 Cost Example in Mexico Scenario #1

The patient Currently wears dentures.

Placed 4 Dental Implants and a temporary fixed restoration of USD 4,000 average cost just for the lower jaw

Six months later

USD 3,500 for fixed hybrid (acrylic)

The total average treatment cost for lower teeth “All on 4” Dental Implants in Mexico would be USD 7,500

All on 5 Cost Example in Mexico Scenario #2


10 Implants Bonegrafting, Extractions, Temporaries, first phase USD 10,000

Six Months later

USD 10,000 Prettau Bridge Zirconia Upper and Lower

The total average treatments for upper and lower “All on 5” with screw retained zirconia bridges in USD 20,000.

All on X Cost Example in Mexico Scenario #3

10 Implants, Extraction, Bonegrafting, Sedation, Temporaries First phase USD 9,000

Six Months Later

Pekkton hybrid EMax Bridge USD 8,000
6 E.Max Crowns Lower front teeth USD 2,400
4 Lower Implants with 3 Unit Bridges USD 3,500

Total treatment around USD 22,000


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    All on 4 Dental Implants cost Mexico

    In depth cost analyzis of getting All on X Dental Implants in Mexico

    “All on X” treatments can be done from 3 to 8 implants although, the ideal amount of implants for this procedure is between 4 to 6 implants. There are other restorative materials as well, like CRCO with composite, layered zirconia, that might affect the price.

    Different clinics in Mexico have different technologies, knowledge, materials for those treatments.


    Some clinics charge for extraction and, some other clinics don’t.  The average price of extractions can be anywhere from USD 20 to USD 80 per extraction.

    Bone grafting

    the “All on 4” dental implants are supposed to be a graft-less solution for some patients who look for this treatment is far from the truth.

    On the other hand, many other patients require extractions, sinus lifts, etc.

    If you had all your upper teeth extracted, think about how many sockets of missing parts of the bone you have where the root where. This procedure has to be considered for many dentist criteria should be filled with bone-grafting material for the best result. The average price of bone-grafting for “All on 4” dental implants can range from USD 300 to 1,200 per arch.


    IV sedation, nitrous oxide (sleeping gas), oral sedatives all might have additional costs on your treatment. To clarify these prices check with each clinic directly.


    Sometimes teeth can be anchored to the implants, sometimes you have a regular denture, the temporary cost can vary.

    One price fits All on X

    Average prices in Mexico

    All on X Dental Implants Cost in Mexico
    All on 4All on 6
    Acrilic Fixed Hybrid DentureUSD 6,500USD 7,500
    Zirconia Prettau Bridge HybridUSD 9,500USD 10,600
    Nano-Ceramic Crystal Ultra HybridUSD 9,800USD 10,800
    Combination Peekton With Individual Lisi CrownUSD 10,200USD 10,800

    All on 4 Dental Implants Process

    The All-on-Four process requires two trips to Mexico as a minimum.

    First Trip to Mexico

    You will be in either of the following two scenarios:

    1. Extraction + Bone Grafting: If you previously had the extractions or don’t present infections after extractions, you could receive implants on the same day.

    2. Extraction + Bone Grafting + Implant: If you previously had the extractions or if you do not present infections after theextractions, you could receive the dental implants on the same day.

    With previous Dental CT Scans, the dental implants get situated in the place or places of the jaw with the best bone density. In both cases, you will receive a temporary denture made of high-impact acrylic.

    Second Trip to Mexico

    Final Restoration: The Dentist will take a mold of your “All on 4” implants. Then he will create the Arch Restoration.

    Finally, you and the Dentists will discuss final adjustments.

    Top Dental Clinics in Mexico for your Dental Care

    See the Top Reviews from the experiences of patients who take their dental care in Mexico. Likewise, you will know some of the most popular clinics to do dental tourism. This info will help you find the perfect clinic to get your dental work in Mexico by professional dentists.

    Full Mouth Dental Implants

    For full Mouth Dental Implant treatments in Mexico, the “All on 4” Dental Treatment is not the only option, there are many variations of these treatments, from less expensive options like snap-on dentures to more complex treatments like “All on 6”, “3 on 6” Implants, or “All on 8”.

    There are also many different restorations options.

    When patient research for dental clinics in Mexico that works on Full Mouth Dental Implants, as a recommendation, try and look for clinics that don’t have a one treatment fits all philosophy.

    Many treatment variations might fit your necessities, sometimes even saving some of your dental pieces or all of them.

    At the bottom of this guide, would find more information about the other options for Full Mouth Dental Implants in ​Mexico.


    Who needs All-on-4?

    Am I a candidate? Can I save my teeth? What are my options?

    All-on-4 is beneficial solution for anyone in the following situations:

    Denture Wearers

    Generally, patients who come looking for this type of treatment have suffered the loss of one or more teeth since childhood, on the other hand, they could only pay for extractions or just had cavities or injuries, may be possible that the fastest and cheapest solution was the use of dentures.

    The use of dentures is a practice that has been traditionally maintained for many years by some dental specialists.

    In the initial stages of wearing them, dentures are a good and largely unproblematic solution. However, as the bone and gum do not have any teeth roots filling up the space, the jawbone will begin to recede.


    These may cause that the jaw to contract and can completely change your facial structure. Over time, the patients need to obtain large dentures, which would be very uncomfortable and cause eating and speaking problems.

    The “All on 4” Dental Implants Treatment offers a fixed solution for the traditional dentures that fills the mouth and prevents the jaw from shrinking further.

    Consequences of badly fitting dentures

    Discomfort and inconvenient handling

    Like many denture wearers, you might be unhappy with the fit of your dental prosthesis. Unsecured dentures usually move in your mouth while you eat and speak. That generates pressure on your gums and jaw bone and can eventually lead to painful inflammations.

    Issues with chewing and speaking.

    Dentures often make it difficult for you to chew, which can stop you from eating many of the foods you once enjoyed.

    Plastic components covering your palate can have a negative influence on the way you experience food.

    Dentures may also affect how you pronounce words and can keep you from speaking freely in public.

    Changes to your appearance

    When there are no more teeth or roots that stimulate the jaw bone, it starts to lose density, thus damaging the appearance of the teeth and gums. The shrinking jaw bone also negatively influences how your dentures fit, meaning more refitting visits to your dentist.

    Missing teeth can further affect your appearance because your lips have no support from the inside. Your chin starts to move forward and upward, and your lips turn inward.

    Can I have implants if I smoke?

    The short answer is yes. However, the long answer is that smoking increases the chances of implant failure. For that reason, your implant dentist will likely want you to stop smoking.


    before treatment. Speak to your GP about certain medications and options that can help. Quitting smoking can be tough, but patients find the reward of fixed, beautiful teeth to be worth it.

    Can i drink alcohol if i have implants?


    Alcohol is a nervous system depressant and has shown to slow down bone repair and bone quality. One study indicated implant failures clustered in heavy drinkers consuming

    5 or more units of alcohol daily. The odd glass of wine with dinner isn’t likely to cause issues. If you drink more than this, it’s worth taking steps to reduce your alcohol intake.

    All on 4 dental implants vs Dentures

    All on 4 dental implants
    Preserves jaw bone quantity and quality.
    Function and feel like your own natural teeth.
    Doesn’t move when eating, speaking or exercising.
    Can eat most foods easily as chewing capacity is restored.
    No need for denture adhesives or glues.
    Supports the cheeks and lips naturally like teeth.
    Higher cost than a denture but with good maintenance the dental implants could last a lifetime.
    Does not stop bone loss.
    Ill-fitting dentures that slip and slide
    may worsen bone loss.
    Can feel bulky and unnatural.
    Can move and slip around the mouth.
    Many foods are difficult to eat.
    Adhesives and glues often required.
    Over time support for cheeks and lips decreases.
    Cost effective solution to replace your teeth but have reduced function.
    Hopeless (Terminal) Teeth

    If your teeth have been badly affected by tooth decay or disease, then they may be beyond saving from general dentistry.

    In situations such as this often, the only solution is to replace the teeth with prosthetics. There are a variety of reasons why teeth can become terminal.

    Genetic reasons

    Whether it be for genetic reasons, poor dental hygiene, injury, disease, or a combination of these factors, terminal teeth can occur. 

    This amount of damage on teeth makes it impossible to restore them to their natural state and, as a result, will eventually fall out if a specialist does not treat the disease on time.

    For those who have lost all their teeth, All on-4″ dental implant treatment is a viable permanent solution to replace these terminal teeth.

    How missing teeth affect the jaw bone and gums?

    One missing tooth
    • A missing tooth disturbs the interplay between teeth and bone.
    • The jaw bone starts shrinking and, the gum pulls back.
    • Neighboring teeth can collapse into the gap while opposing teeth can grow into the gap.
    Multiple missing teeth
    • When multiple teeth are missing, bone loss can become so significant that it causes changes to the jaw-line and facial appearance.
    • A dental bridge can provide short-term relief, but over time the movement generated by the dental bridge can increase pressure on the jaw bone and eventually worsen bone deterioration in the jaw.
    All teeth are missing
    • When all your teeth are missing, bone deterioration can become so severe that facial structures can collapse.
    • Dentures can provide short-term relief, but over time, as with dental bridges, their movement can increase pressure on the jaw bone and worsen bone deterioration in the jaw.

    Benefits of All-on-4

    Improved quality of life

    One of the main benefits offered by “All on 4” dental implants is to restore the natural appearance and sensation of the teeth. And, depending on your situation, your dentist may connect the temporary teeth the same day the implants get in place.

    Shorter treatment time

    With only four implants needed and provisional teeth possible on the same day, treatment is faster and more cost-efficient than comparable alternatives.

    Supported by science

    Created by Nobel Biocare, a world leader in dental implant technology, its success is sustained and supported by many clinical studies and constant patient follow-up for ten years.

    Invest in the rest of your life

    Costs might seem high at first glance, but the high maintenance costs of other restorations can make them more expensive in the long run. With good maintenance, your implants can last you a lifetime.

    4 common challenges and how to avoid them

    The All-on-4 treatment concept is a proven long-term solution for treating edentulous patients. Successfully applied, it brings patients improved quality of life. 

    Treatment results can be affected when shortcuts are taken instead of following the procedure appropriately. Here are four things to keep in mind.

    Accurate diagnosis and restorative considerations

    Starting with the prosthetic outcome in mind is crucial for good results with the All on 4″ treatment concept.

    • What is the desired incisal edge position? 
    • Where is the smile line? 
    • What support does the upper lip require?

    All this needs to be addressed in advance to determine what kind of restoration will work best.

    Adequate inter-arch space (vertical dimension) and bone reduction after extraction

    For an esthetic result, it’s crucial to ensure there is enough space to seat the prosthesis.

    With the “All on 4” treatment concept, prosthetic requirements are surgical responsibilities.

    Proper diagnosis dictates whether the bone needs to be reduced during the surgery to move the transitional line below the lip line and, the restoration should be adjusted accordingly.

    Providing an optional final restoration and denture conversion

    Working with the right dental lab can be the key to achieving great treatment results with the “All on 4” treatment concept. And not only in the final aesthetics but also in an important aspect such as hygiene.

    For example, ensuring a convex, rather than concave, intaglio surface for dentures can make it possible for the patient to keep things clean and healthy long after surgery.

    However, by adding too much space for cleaning, the patient could end up inadvertently spitting or hissing through the gap between the mucosa and the prosthesis.

    You should also consider the components that you are using for the treatment.

    • Are they designed to work together? 
    • Were they tested together? 

    As a patient, you must be aware of implants, abutments, and restorations as a complete system. The “All on 4” treatment concept is about much more than placing and restoring four implants. 

    It’s a clinically proven concept that can restore the jaw in a minimally invasive way – without bone grafting and taking the forces in the mouth into account.

    The “All on 4” treatment concept is proven to be the best in its class of solutions for full-arch treatment using tilted implants. But only when Nobel Biocare products are combined.

    Fixed Hybrid

    Fixed hybrid dentures have a titanium bar that runs through the entire structure, which gives them greater strength and stability. The technicians mill the titanium bar using a high-tech machine to guarantee a precise fit over the patient’s implants.


    Look and Feels Natural, Improved chewing, Easy maintenance, No restrictions on your diet, Improved appearance and self-confidence.

    A small amount of food or bacteria can lodge its way beneath the dentures, causing some discomfort.

    Prettau Bridge Zirconia Superstructure

    Among the dental ceramics available, Zirconia is the material with the highest flexural and tensile strength. This material is composed of a base of zirconia sand, partially stabilized with yttrium and made into Zirconia blanks through a mechanical process.

    Translucent quality like natural teeth, Much more stable, more comfortable than other dental implant-supported solutions, Biocompatible, Stronger, and More durable than acrylic.


    Crystal Ultra Nano-Ceramic

    Crystal Ultra is the most flexible ceramic material available on the market, thus making it the only ceramic material that is truly flexible in the mouth. This flex makes Crystal Ultra Hybrid Denture durable and comfortable for the patient.

    • Feels like Natural Teeth
    • Durable
    • Light weight
    • Shock absorbing
    • Flexes under stress
    • Stain resistant
    • Repairable chairside
    • Crystal Ultra are 60% lighter than zirconia and 6 times stronger than acrylic dentures.

    Pekkton LiSi Thimble Hybrid Bridge

    The PEKK material used for Pekkton originates from the PAEK (PolyArylEtherKetone) materials family. High-performance polymers have found their way into different fields since the 1980s.

    • Natural wearing experience
    • Resembles the properties of natural bone
    • Natural aesthetics
    • Biocompatible
    • No metallic taste
    • High stability at low weight
    • Suitable for implant-supported restorations.
    • Difficulty of achieving adequate bond strength to composite resin materials
    • Low surface energy
    • Low Resistance to surface modification by chemical treatment.

    Get a Quote for All on-4 Dental Implants


      Before All on 4® Treatment

      Complimentary initial suitability assessment (optional) if you’re unsure if you are a possible candidate or have questions, we recommend a suitability phone call before a consultation. If you have decided that the All on 4® Dental Implants Treatment is for you, you can skip this step and book a consultation.

      Medical history

      Your implant dentist will want to understand your medical history and be aware of any medications you take. The specialist can work closely with your GP or specialist on strategies for your best health for your implant treatment. These would result in a better standard of care for you and improved outcomes for your dental implants.

      Before attending your consultation, take some time to write down your medical history. Your dentist will want to know if you have or have had:

      • Osteoporosis
      • Diabetes
      • Cancer
      • Stroke
      • Haemophilia
      • Autoimmune conditions
      • Heart Attack
      • Pacemaker surgery
      • Organ transplant
      • Drug Use
      • Psychiatric Illness

      If you have an ongoing illness, don’t be discouraged, there is still an excellent chance to see a dental specialist so that you can undergo dental implant treatment. Discuss your concerns with your implant dentist.


      First consultation - What happens?

      Before deciding to take the All on 4 Dental Implants treatment, your dentist will get to know you, discuss your concerns, your reasons for seeking treatment.

      A clinical examination of your mouth will help you to get clear what you’d like to achieve from it (there is nothing to worry about, this is pain-free and needle-free evaluation) 3-D x-ray is typically taken to see your jaw bone under your gums.

      Obtaining a clear image

      By obtaining a clear image of the case, the height and width of the available jaw bone would get precise measurements, also identifying a map of vital structures like the sinuses and nerves.

      The dental specialist will take photos of you smiling, with a resting expression, and even some video of your speaking. Your dentist can use this to design your perfect teeth and smile using the latest smile design technology.

      Treatment options

      All your treatment options get a clear explanation, and we’ll answer any questions you may have about treatment. The dentist will take molds to make stone replicas of your mouth, helping design the matching teeth for All on 4.

      Once you have options for taking your treatment, the dental specialist will work out an initial treatment plan, a schedule with the estimated duration of treatment, and possible costs for each phase of treatment. 

      Some patients choose to do this all in one appointment. Others opt to split it over two sessions. Once all your information is collected, you may book your surgery date. Your dentist will then start the detailed plan of your treatment.

      What happens after your initial consultation?

      To obtain a 3D view of the jaw bone and the amount of bone loss, then the expert will use special software, this covers the function to make an ideal plan to place All on 4 treatment, and avoid vital structures and, this also helps to know if the patient needs a bone graft and create a guide that the doctor will use during the work.

      The full-arch stone-made copy of your mouth used by the expert to plan your teeth not only makes them look beautiful but also ensures that the way you bite is right for you and will not cause any problems in the future.

      Whats next?

      Once you have cleared your questions during your visit, the on-4 dental implants expert will virtual plan your new and natural teeth-looking smile using the latest high tech.

      With the All on-4 procedure, you can be sure that you will have a new smile that enhances your appearance and is truly unique.

      The day of the surgery is the culmination of hours of planning by your surgeon and the prostheses that will make your teeth perform the All on-4 treatment, to change your tooth loss for a smile that seen and feel like a natural tooth smile.


      How digital treatment planning helps ensure predictable implant placement?

      Precise placement is essential for All on 4 dental implants. This is where NobelClinician Software can help on the All on-4 procedure. NobelClinician, with a full-arch radiographic guide, supports the All on-4 dental implants treatment planning taking into account the patient anatomy and restorative information of the tooth loss, bone loss, and the need for a bone graft to complete your All on-4 treatment in the way to recover your natural teeth looking smile.

      To continue with the All on 4 procedure, 3D models and radiographic guide of the full-arch, allow the dentist to assess the quality, quantity of the available bone and determine if a bone grafting is required.

      With this data, the specialist can control and customize the angulation of the dental reslice planes, ensuring that the tilted posterior implants, which are fundamental to the All on-4 treatment concept, are optimally positioned.

      During All on 4® treatment

      Day 1 – Implant placement

      When you arrive to start your All on-4 treatment, a patient care team will be there to help you get ready. You’ll also meet with an Anesthetist. Most patients opt to have this done under a ‘twilight’ sedation. This is a good option particularly if you have anxiety about the All on-4 procedure.

      All on 4 placement is performed in sterile conditions for your safety. Your All on-4 dental implants are placed across the full arch of your jaw based on the surgeon’s prepared plan. It takes 3-4 hours to place the implants for each jaw.

      Most patients under sedation will have no recollection of the All on 4 treatment.

      Recovery time?

      You’ll spend an hour or two recovering as the anesthetic wears off. After, you’ll be ready to return to the comfort of your own home.

      It’s best to have a friend, spouse, or family member escort you home as you won’t be able to drive.

      Day 2 – ‘Try-in’ of teeth

      You’ll attend the clinic to try-in your All on 4 new natural teeth looking. During this try-in, your dentist checks how the teeth fit together and feel in your mouth. He’ll also make sure your bite is perfect, and the teeth of the All on-4 dental implants are in the correct position before making the finishing touches.

      Day 3 – Teeth are placed

      Your dentist will connect your new teeth to your All on 4 dental implants. As part of the All on-4 procedure, the dentist performs a final check of your bite, and then you’re ready to see the result of the All on-4 treatment! Your teeth are securely attached to your implants, so throw away your messy denture glue. This is the closest thing to real and natural teeth.

      Before you leave, you’ll get clear verbal and written instructions on the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ during your recovery period. It’s important to remember that although your new teeth feel firmly anchored in your jaw, the bone around the implants is in recovery. It takes 3-6 months for the bone grafting to grow around the All on-4 dental implants, your dentist will recommend care and a soft diet during this period.

      All on 4® Recovery

      Most patients are surprised by the speed of recovery of the All on 4. Often they’re able to return to their daily routine within days. Nevertheless, your dentist will encourage you to take it easy after the All on-4 treatment. Avoid heavy lifting or exercise and opt instead for light walks.

      Eating nourishing soft foods and drinking plenty of fluids is also essential to help your body heal. You can expect some bruising and swelling around the face. Some experience visible bruising and swelling while it’s more subtle for others.

      It’s difficult to predict, but most find their bruising and swelling starts to subside after 3-4 days. Within a week it is barely visible.


      After your All on 4® treatment make sure you:


      • Rest
      • Drink plenty of fluids
      • Eat nourishing, soft foods
      • Follow cleaning instructions provided by your dentist


      • Heavy lifting and exercise
      • Eat hard foods

      Options for Final teeth after complete healing

      At a later stage, you can choose to have the initial teeth replaced and, you will have more options available to you at this stage. The two types of final teeth include: Acrylic teeth with Titanium bar reinforcement.

      This is a popular option for All on 4 as the titanium bar is light, durable, and can last a lifetime. There are great options for strong and natural-looking acrylic teeth.

      Depending on your jaw shape your dentist may recommend fixed teeth (image 1) or fixed-removable (image 2).

      The fixed removable is a titanium bar fixed to your implants with teeth on top held by magnetic attachments so it can be removed for cleaning.

      Dentists can be recommended it if you need extra support for your lips and cheeks to enhance your face shape, especially if you have been missing teeth for a long time or have significant bone loss.

      All on 4 Fixed-removable teeth. A milled titanium bar is placed on the All on-4 dental implants, and only your dental professional will be able to remove it. With this All on-4 treatment option, the teeth are attached to the full-arch bar and, you will be able to remove these for cleaning.

      The full-arch teeth of the All on-4 dental implant may need replacing, as acrylic can wear and discolor over time.

      This depends on personal factors including your bite, foods you eat (some foods discolor teeth more than others), and whether you wear a nightguard.

      The bar underneath does not need to be replaced, the old teeth and material is removed, and new teeth are added.

      This All on 4 dental implants option is completely fixed, and only your dental professional will be able to remove it.
      Porcelain teeth with Zirconia underneath.

      This All on 4 option is for patients who wish to have the most aesthetic and natural teeth-looking replacement technology available today. With this, a zirconia metal framework (zirconia is a white metal) is made.

      A ceramist places porcelain on this material to create teeth. This highly refined process can take weeks to craft to perfection. The result is porcelain teeth that mimic your natural teeth.


      However, extra care is needed if a tooth chips, as it’s harder to fix than with acrylic teeth. Choosing the right tooth replacement technology is an individualised process.

      Different options work for different people. An experienced All on 4® professional will be able to recommend the best choice for you based on your face shape, bite, and whether you have a history of clenching or grinding.

      The day of my All on 4 in Mexico

      Day of surgery checklist:

      On the day of the All on 4 implant surgery, it is essential to be prepared. Following is what you will need to bring with you to ensure a successful, and All on-4 procedure.

      • Medical & Dental Insurance Information
      • Payment method (credit card, debit card or check)
      • Comfortbale loose-filling clothing
      • A driver to ensure that you get home safely
      • Painkillers or personal medication as recommended by Dr. Khazie

      It is also important to be aware of what not to do before an operation

      In general, these are things you should not do:

      • Avoid smoking
      • Stay away from alcohol
      • Do not eat a large meal
      • Do not take certain medications, such as blood thinners
      • If you are ill don’t undergo surgery
      • Do not wear jewelry or makeup as it will only get in the way

      All on 4 befores and afters in Mexico


      Dental Implants Mexico Reviews

      All on 4 Dental Implant reviews Mexico – hear it first hand from people that have gone thru the All on-4 treatment abroad

      Choosing a dentist for All on 4 in Mexico

      You’ll want a provider with adequate training and a proven track record with this advanced All on-4 procedure.

      Unfortunately, there is no ‘official’ qualification required to perform the All on-4 treatment so, the degree of expertise can vary significantly between surgeons.

      From someone who completed a short weekend course to someone who’s invested countless hours to learn the All on-4 dental implants. 

      Ask questions and assess carefully. As you compare All on 4® providers, which we highly recommend you do, there are some points you’ll need to consider.

      To help you, we’ve prepared a handy checklist at the back of this guide. Take the time you need to make a decision, speak to friends, family, and even past patients. Never feel rushed to proceed with treatment.

      Technologies – Credentials

      Not All dentists get created equal here are three things you must check about the dentist you are thinking about to take your All on 4 dental treatment in Mexico.

      1. Technologies: nowadays, this is sometimes one of the most important factors when choosing a clinic abroad.

      TOP 5 technologies to look for your All on 4 dentist abroad

      1. CBCT X-Ray
      2. In-House digital dental lab
      3. Surgical guide 3D printing
      4. Sedation dentistry
      5. Navigated implant placement

      2. Credentials: Is the dentist you will be seeing certified and trained on All on 4 dental implants?

      TOP 5 credential to look for your All on 4 dentist in Mexico

      1. US licensed or trained
      2. Specialists in prosthodontics, periodontics, Mexilo-facial surgeon; restorative
      3. Certified by certain implant brand
      4. Long track record and documented All on 4 cases
      5. Referals/Testimonials videos of patients that…

      3. Top All on 4 dental implant dentist or clinic per location in Mexico

      1. Tijuana – Smile Builders, XDentistry, Advanced Smiles Dentistry
      2. Los Algodones – Sani Dental, Castle Dental
      3. Los Cabos – Advanced Cabo Dentistry
      4. Mexico City – KEMM Clinic, Centro Boston
      5. Cancun – Cancun Dental Specialists, Cancun Dental Design, Dr. Irma Gavaldon
      6. Playa del Carmen – Smile MakeOver Mexico, Dental House, Coral Dental
      7. Puerto Vallarta
      8. Guadalajara

      Questions to ask your surgeon

      Some clinics use traveling surgeons to do All on 4®. Ask if the person who is placing the All on-4 dental implants will be readily available after All on-4 treatment just in case follow-up appointments are required. If the same dentist is doing both the surgery and the tooth loss replacement, check that they have experience in full arch replacement as this is an advanced area of dentistry and requires significant skill to recreate how the natural teeth bite together and fit.

      • How many All on-4 procedures has the clinician performed?
      • What training have they undertaken in this procedure?

      Which are the longest follow-ups the All on 4 patients have? (This is even more important than the number of cases performed as you want to assess the long-term outcomes)

      • How long have they been doing the All on-4 dental implant treatment in general?
      • Can they show you quality (close-up) images of the All on-4 treatment patients they have treated?

      What implants will the surgeon be using for the All on-4 procedure? (Some implants have decades of research, others have very little)

      Who is the Prosthetist (denture expert) that will assist, and do they have expertise working with the All on 4 dental implants? Or will this portion of the work be outsourced to offshore laboratories?

      Which will be the materials to make your full arch of natural teeth-looking?

      Has the clinician explained all your All on-4 treatment options to you including, possible complications and ongoing maintenance?

      Has the surgeon provided a comprehensive, itemized All on-4 procedure treatment plan describing their assessment?

      The three pillars of maintenance

      All on 4® Dental Implants are just like natural teeth, and just like real teeth, you need a lifelong commitment to look after them. Regular dental visits and diligent at-home oral hygiene will help. Here are the three pillars of a great maintenance routine to ensure you get an All on-4 dental implants lifetime of function from your new full-arch implant-supported teeth:

      1. Daily oral hygiene routine

      Carefully clean around your All on 4 implants and teeth at least twice daily. That will get rid of food debris and minimize bacteria buildup that can lead to plaque. We recommend our patients use:


      Water flosser

      This handy product is an effective way to floss when you have a fixed bridge on implants. We provide each All on 4® patient one after treatment.


      Implant floss

      This special floss for implant bridges allows cleaning underneath the bridge.


      Soft brush and toothpaste

      We recommend a soft bristled toothbrush and a non-abrasive toothpaste.

      2. Regular dental check-ups

      To keep your All on 4 implants and your natural teeth looking in the best condition, schedule 6 monthly cleaning appointments. These appointments are painless. Your dental professional can check all is well with your All on-4 dental implants, and remove any plaque build-up.

      Depending on your needs, your implant dentist may remove the fixed bridge, check your gums underneath and clean around the titanium posts that hold your bridge.

      3. Wear a Nightguard

      One of the best things you can do to protect your new natural teeth looking is to wear a mouthguard while sleeping. Many of us grind and clench our jaws at night by placing unnecessary pressure on teeth and implants. It’s a good idea to check if this special device is provided after All on 4 treatment.

      Hints & Tips to get best lifespan from your teeth

      Today’s materials for making teeth and the structures underneath them are incredibly robust. Like our natural teeth, they are not indestructible!

      Here are precautions to ensure your teeth (whether they’re plastic or porcelain) last as long as possible.

      • Avoid sticky, sugary foods sweets as these are difficult to clean from teeth.
      • Be careful with foods that have hard centres like olives, peaches, apricots. You can accidentally bite down hard on them and damage your teeth. Unlike natural teeth, implants do not have ligaments around them in the bone that signal our brain. You could be biting hard, placing extreme pressure without even knowing it.
      • Don’t use teeth as tools. Don’t use them to break open things like bottles, packets or remove clothing tags or even to hold the humble bobby pin. It’s a very common way to chipping your teeth.

      Following this care plan, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything to maximise the life of your teeth and implants.

      All on 4 Nightmares

      Complications, Complains, What to Avoid

      The All On 4 procedure is one of the best Full Mouth Restoration alternatives, however, poor execution can become a real nightmare for the patient.

      Here are some of the red flags to watch out for when choosing a dental specialist to take your All on-4 dental implants in Mexico:

      • The specialist did not take the time necessary to plan the All on 4 treatment: Poor implant placement can damage the prosthesis, in addition, excess stress on implants can lead to bone loss and implant failure.
      • The dentist did not show interest in my needs and expectations: This can result in a false idea of ​​the final result of the All on-4 procedure or complications to chewing.
      • When questioning the dentist about the brands and materials uses for the All on-4 treatment, he did not give me details: The prosthesis must be built with high-quality materials to reach the closest natural teeth look. The restorative dentist must use original implant parts to avoid mechanical failures and facilitate daily cleaning. Some of the most recognized implant brands are Nobel BioCare, Straumann, and Bicon. Remember that the dentist must answer all your questions.

      In many ways, the cause of a wrong All on-4 procedure is malpractice from the specialist, it is true that in many other cases the patient who received the treatment is the true person responsible for their misfortune. These are some of the most common oversights after an All on 4 treatment.


      Poor post-operative care of the All on 4 can result in permanent damage to the metal bracket, fixed denture, or screws.

      • Using your new natural teeth looking too soon: if you get your teeth in a day it is necessary to emphasize that although it is an immediate load, it does not mean that the implants have been fully set. The osseointegration process requires a minimum of 6 weeks. Be patient
      • Poor hygiene: You must follow the oral care instructions that the dentist gives you after the All on-4 procedure to avoid infections. Remember to include water floss and super floss to prevent the accumulation of food under the prosthesis, and go to your hygiene appointments 2 to 3 times a year to clean the gum. The patient should wear a soft nightguard to protect the full-arch prosthesis at night.

      Finally, we find a scenario in which neither party was responsible. Although minimal there is the possibility that some or all of the All on-4 dental implants will fail it is estimated that approximately 5% of All on-4 treatments do not fuse with the jaw bone.

      If this is your case, you should consider that if you obtained your All on 4 in Mexico, you will have to return and the implants will probably replace without extra charge, but there are other expenses (accommodation, travel expenses, and flights) that, will be completely considered.

      All on 4 FAQs

      The average time of the surgical phase for the All on 4 takes between 7 and 14 days. If the All on-4 procedure does not involve multiple extractions or bone grafting, then your stay will be shorter than those that do require these procedures to allow for adequate recovery time.

      Our dentists recommend that any extractions are performed by us in our state-of-the-art clinic. The success of an All of 4 procedure depends on preserving the maximum amount of bone in the jaw, something that can be compromised during extractions that are not undertaken carefully. As part of our commitment to patient care we would always prefer to provide all procedures so that we can assure the highest quality results for you.

      Yes, and you should stop smoking before you come to Mexico to attend your All on 4 procedure. As well as the well-known risks to your general health, smoking carries a wide variety of oral health problems, including tooth loss, bone loss, periodontal disease, reduced oral blood flow, and implant failures.

      Because of the poor outcomes associated with smoking and implant procedures we won’t be able to treat you at our clinic in Cancun until you have signed a waiver stating that you are a non-smoker.

      We realize that for many people this can be a difficult addiction to break and we will support you with this including providing stop smoking advice and even prescription medication to help you if required.

      Not necessarily. In order for us to be able to perform an All on 4 you will need an A1C level below 8.0. Please ask for a test through your regular physician or contact us for more information.

      In most cases you will still be a good candidate for All on 4 dental implants, however we assess each patient on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know if you are taking bisphosphonates and we will be able to advise you more specifically.

      Traditional implant technology meant that many people have been told they are not suitable candidates. With our new All on 4 procedure, we find that we are now able to offer implants to almost 90% of patients who had previously been told they were not viable candidates. Our All on-4 dental implant system uses the front area of the jaw which contains the densest bone.

      The unique way that the implants are angled means a much less invasive procedure with no need to enter the sinus cavity. If you have been told in the past that traditional implants aren’t available to you contact us today for the very latest advice and information.

      The All on 4 implant procedure has a higher success rate than other implant procedures, thanks to the unique process used. Top-quality dentists will ensure you have a thorough after-care advice program to help you to keep your new implants in perfect condition and to care for the implantation sites while final healing is occurring.

      They will also prescribe medication including antibiotics to support your healing. If you follow the after-care advice then the risks of complications like infection are minimal.

      The biggest risk comes from a poorly performed the All on 4 procedure itself. At our clinic in Cancun we see several patients each month who have suffered due to visiting an inexperienced or unqualified dentist with too little practical experience of modern All on-4 dental implant techniques.

      The most important advice is to make sure that the clinic and dentist you choose to perform your All on-4 procedure is modern and well-equipped, with fully accredited personnel, and most importantly a long track record of succesful implant procedures and client testimonials.

      Possibly, depending on your circumstance. For many people, dental expenses in excess of 10% of your gross annual income can be deducted, but there are different rules depending on your age and family circumstances. Please contact your financial adviser or the IRS for full details of how much you may be able to deduct in your own circumstances.

      Yes, you can. Withdrawals from your HSA are tax-free if used to pay for qualifying dental procedures as listed in the Internal Revenue Tax Code. The IRS does change its codes from time to time, so you should always consult your financial adviser before committing, however at the time of writing, the IRS listed “Artificial Teeth” as an eligible medical expense for your HSA.

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