Dental Crowns in Mexico - Mexico Crown Cost

Dental Crowns Cost Can Vary Basically On Three Factors, Materials, Numbers Of Teeth And Additional Treatments. We will cover the average pricing in Mexico for each material available for dental crowns, along with additional treatments that might be necessary for your dental work.

Ceramic Crowns nowadays are one of the best restorations available for patients. aesthetic feel and look, and great strength and durability. A dental crown is made of biocompatible material (such as ceramics). A dental laboratory designs it to make it look and feel like your natural teeth.


Dental crowns in Mexico have average cost of

USD 200 to 600

Dental Crowns Cost In Mexico


Dental Crowns cost can vary basically on three factors, materials, numbers of teeth and additional treatments. We will cover the average pricing in mexico for each material available for dental crowns. Plus we list additional treatments that might be necessary for your Dental Crowns.

There are 5 main materials for Dental Crowns in Mexico

Porcelain Fused To Metal

Dental Crowns Materials

Average Price For Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns (PFM Crowns)

porcelain fused metal chaacteristics

Usually Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns in Mexico is cheap. Dental labs in Mexico can charge as little as 15 dollars to make these Crowns.

Of course, there are high-end labs that do Porcelain Fused To Metal and charge around USD 120 per Crown to the dentist.

We highly recommend looking at more up-to-date materials like Porcelain or Zirconia. The Average Price in Mexico for Dental Crowns Can Range From

USD 120 to 400 Per Crown.

Average Price For Porcelain Crowns In Mexico


There are many different types of Porcelains and different manufacturing processes.

Most dental clinics in Mexico use Ivoclar Vivadent material called E.Max all Porcelain. Emax Porcelain Crowns average cost is around USD 400.

Porcelain Crowns are a holistic option for patients that want a long-lasting natural crown. Also, Porcelain is very aesthetic, which makes it the best choice for front teeth.

The average cost of a single Porcelain Crown in Mexico can range from

USD 200 To 600.

Average Price For Zirconia Crowns In Mexico


Zirconia Crowns require Cad-cam digital dental lab equipment to be manufactured. This makes them a little more expensive as not many dental labs in Mexico have this equipment so some have to outsource it to other labs.

Top dental clinics will have on-site dental labs for faster turn a round. There are two types of Zirconia Crowns, monolithic meaning that its full contour Zirconia and layered which means the inner coping (Structure) is Zirconia and the rest is layered with Porcelain. Layered Crowns tend to be more aesthetic but less resistant.

The average price for Zirconia Crowns in Mexico can range from

USD 250 to 600.

Average Price For Zirconia Crowns In Mexico


The bigger the tooth the more expensive, Gold Crowns are cast. Casting and manufacturing this type of crown can be challenging and not all locations do it in Mexico.

Top dental clinics with On-Site Labs will usually have Gold Crowns available. Smaller Dental Clinics will have to outsource it to external dental labs.

The clinic might not have Gold in stock or they might try and use regular Gold. Dental Gold is different, regular jewelry Gold is not recommended for your Gold Crowns. Certified dental Gold is the best option

Costs depend on the amount of Gold needed to make the Crown. Gold Crowns in Mexico price ranges from

USD 400 to 700.

Average Price For Temporary Crowns In Mexico


Temporary Crowns in Mexico if they are for the time being you are abroad are usually not charged by the dentist.

If they are long-term crowns some dentists choose to charge 50% of the final restoration.

Others charge approximately USD 150 for PMMA Temporary Crowns. Average prices for Temporary Crown in Mexico can be

USD 10 to 667.

Dental Crowns Dental Laboratory Process

How are Dental Crowns made in Mexico?


For prepared the tooth is necessary to remove the affected zone and sure that not are cavities in the superficial


After taking a silicone impression of the mouth, it is scanned with the 3D scanner, to obtain a virtual 3D model that will serve to design a framework for the preparation in the CAD-CAM machine.

Temporary-crown (1)

A temporary dental crown is placed for sure the tooth won’t damages


Precision 3D scanners are used to convert anatomy or a physical model made from an impresion into 3D digital data.
Capturing: inner preparation, adjacent anatomy, insertion angles, bite registration, margin, etc.


Computer aided design (CAD) software is used to utilize the data captured from the scanning process allowing for the step-by-step design of the appropriate dental prosthesis, Software is typically purchased as a base crown & bridge application with optional modules for abutments, models, provisionals, etc.


Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software is used to process the restoration design from the CAD sotware. This includes selection of restoration type, nesting into materials disc, cutting bur selection, machine spindle speed and cutting feeds, simulation and verification of the machining process and post processing.

Before and After Dental Crowns

Dental case – CDS


Smile Restoration
Average Cost
E-Max Ceramic Crowns USD 800

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    The most common restoration in all of Mexico is PFM. The second most common is  Porcelain Crowns, And the third is Zirconia Crowns, Gold Crowns, and other materials. Find the top dental labs and clinics to get high quality Crowns in Mexico.

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    Reasons And Benefits Of Dental Crowns

    • A dental crown is made of biocompatible material (such as ceramics) i.e. your body accepts it.

    • A dental laboratory designs it to make it look and feel like your natural tooth.

    • Metal crowns are usually cheaper, but can lead to unsightly metal rims over time. This is due to the metal base shining through around the gum line or darkening the porcelain on top of it. It is more likely to happen in people who have receding gums, but should be taken into consideration when choosing the right crown.

    • Ceramic crowns stay white along the rim and look more esthetic.

    • The material is also thinner and well-accepted by the body