3 Unit Dental Bridge Cost in Mexico

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When a tooth is missing, 3 Unit Bridge is a great option to fix the problem of one or more missing dental pieces, then connects on each end to crowns, is placed over the neighboring teeth to hold the bridge in place.

The most common materials for 3 unit bridges in Mexico are gold, porcelain, zirconia (3 unit zirconia bridge), or porcelain-fused-to-metal (metal alloys). The prices can vary depending on the material.

Dental bridges can be used even in front teeth and reduce significantly price with dental insurance (major insurance companies accepted in Mexico).

3 Unit Bridge Cost in Mexico - Average Cost of Dental Bridge

Price in USA/Canada: 2,000, in Mexico you can Save: 72%


Bridges, typically used in partial restorative dentistry used to fill the space of a missing tooth with an artificial one.

The 3-Unit Dental Bridge gets baptized from the connection created between the two surrounding teeth on which the crowns get attached.

3 Unit Dental Bridge Cost in Mexico is around USD 1,350 to 1,650 for a piece of 3 crowns. In Mexico, you also can find dental bridges with 4 to 6 dental crowns. The 4 unit dental bridge cost is around USD 1,800, while the average 6 unit cost is USD 2,700.

From USD 1,350


Advantages of 3-unit Dental Bridge

  • Restore the ability of speech, biting and, chewing
  • Recover your oral health
  • Prevents tooth displacement
  • Bridges are cheaper and faster than implants
  • Bone grafting is not necessary
  • Better choice than dentures

Disadvantages of 3-unit Dental Bridge

  • Enamel removal is necessary even over perfectly healthy natural tooth
  • Implant supported bridges are expensive and requires a healing period
  • Bridges don’t stop bone loss in the jaw
  • Dental Implants are longer-lasting than bridges

Process of 3 Unit Bridge

First, it is necessary to carry out an examination and a deep cleaning in the side of the gap to check the health of the adjacent teeth that will function as support(abutment teeth) for the false tooth.

This step helps remove tartar and bacteria below the gum line to prevent cavities in the future.

The dentist proceeds to polish the enamel of the teeth and give them the correct shape to place the crowns to fill the gap.

The dentist will make a mold by taking a dental impression, then sent to the laboratory to create the bridge. The patient will receive a temporary bridge, in which the permanent is ready.


Once the dental bridge is ready, the patient will have to make a new appointment and get the temporary bridge removed, and then the dentist will place the new dental bridge.

There, the dentist will check the bite and, if the bridge does not require any adjustment, finally, the dental bridge will be fixed to the previously worked teeth.

Most visited destinations for dental treatments in Mexico

It is important to find a comfortable location that has all the equipment and technologies available such as 3D scans, digital dentistry, Cad / Cam laboratory to perform your dental care correctly and in a short period of time. If you are looking for a comfortable clinic and around the beautiful beach, we recommend you these places.


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    Top Dental Clinics to 3-Unit Bridges in Mexico

    Implant Supported Bridge
    (Fixed Bridges)

    Bridges with implants differ from the others because instead of using the patient’s teeth as pontics, they will be implants that will support the structure. They are used in patients who lack a greater number of teeth or who require extraordinary measures.

    Some of the benefits that this type of dental bridges represent are that they help preserve the jaw, stimulate bone regeneration, and prevent future dental problems. In addition, dental bridges act very similar to your natural teeth and offer greater resistance to fractures.

    However, bridges with implants are more expensive and require a longer time to place.

    On average, the prices of a bridge with 2 implants in Mexico is from USD 3,150, and it requires three phases, the first one for implant placement, the second one that is the healing period and the third one that is the placement of the fixed bridge.

    Depending on your case, the doctor should guide you on which bridge alternative is best for you.

    4 unit Dental Bridge


    In Mexico there are also other alternatives for patients who have lost a greater number of teeth. One of the bridges most requested by the American market in addition to the three-unit bridge, is the 4 unit fixed bridge.

    It has a similar placement and requires the same number of supporting teeth. However, if the quality of the remaining teeth is not very good, the dentist may consider using 3 dental pieces as anchor teeth.

    Bridges can have up to 6 pieces and those using implants can be used for full mouth restorations. The price varies depending on the number of crowns used to the bridge, and the cost of implants is additional.