Damon Braces Cost in Mexico

The Damon Braces system of orthodontics is one of many fixed, passive, self-ligating methods of correcting malocclusions. Passive self-ligating systems use brackets that do not require elastic o-rings to hold the wires in place.

By not using the elastic o-rings, it is said that the wires freely slide through the slots without friction. See the video if you need more information about of how is the dental procedure for this type of Braces.

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If you want to take your orthodontic treatment in Mexico, the best option is border cities such as Tijuana, Nuevo Progreso, Los Algodones, etc. This is because within the cost-benefit calculation you must consider the office visits to your periodic check-up.

Depending on the dentist, the treatment could have payment plans(monthly payments) or all in one single payment. The latter applies the same for braces and Invisalign.

In many cases, dental insurance plans do not include orthodontia, especially insurance for adults.

However, if your insurance plan does cover it, it is an excellent opportunity to reduce the total cost of orthodontic treatment.

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Damon Braces Cost In Mexico

Cost of Damon Braces In Mexico

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What Are Damon Braces?

The Damon braces system serves the same purpose as the orthodontic systems that are commonly used to straighten teeth.

However, the most notable difference between this system and traditional systems is how they straighten the teeth.

Traditional braces use chips and elastic ties to move the teeth during the procedure.


The length of treatment varies between patients, but this type of braces must be worn for a minimum of 12 months, although the average is 18 months and up.

While the traditional bracket method uses elastic bands around each bracket to correct teeth, Damon Braces is a system of self-ligating braces that connects the arches to the brackets, rather than the elastic bands that are common with traditional systems.

This self-ligating system is not new, but it has grown in popularity as some orthodontists claim better clinical performance. Although some specialists (and patients) claim that Damon Braces are more effective in straightening teeth than traditional systems, the scientific literature has not confirmed these claims.

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    Less Discomfort

    Some patients report that Damon Braces are more comfortable than traditional braces. It is believed that the sliding mechanism could allow the teeth to shift or move at a more gradual and natural rate. Free pain beautiful smile!


    For some patients, this may create less pressure and friction, resulting in less pain and discomfort.

    Although, as a reminder, science does not yet support such claims. Truth be told, some people respond differently to braces.

    Other factors can influence comfort level, complexity of movement, cables, and other materials.

    The Damon Braces wires are believed to contribute to reducing discomfort in some patients, as they exert less force when moving the teeth. Getting used to this system may take a few days, as with any type of brace, this could cause temporary pain.

    Easier to clean

    The reduction of discomfort is not the only benefit that Damon braces bring.

    With fewer parts, they are easier to clean with brush and floss.


    Fewer orthodontic visits


    According to some dental health professionals, being a self-ligating system, Damon braces can reduce orthodontic visits and adjustments unlike traditional braces.

    Traditional braces require periodic replacement of elastic loops and / or common bands as these can loosen over time.

    However, this does not mean that Damon braces do not fail, sometimes the doors that hold the brackets to the cable of the appliance can open, which will require an emergency appointment with the orthodontist to correct it.

    Types of Damon Braces in Mexico

    Damon’s, like traditional braces, come in two types of materials.

    These are available in metallic and transparent (ceramic) supports.

    Even with the metal tie rod brackets, as it has smaller brackets, this system is more discreet speaking both in general size and in profile compared to traditional brackets.

    They also have smooth, rounded corners to enhance aesthetics and comfort.

    With Damon Clear (Ceramic) Braces, it can be difficult for people to tell that someone is wearing braces, as the small brackets are made of clear, stain-resistant ceramic.

    There are other options of transparent braces that, like Damon, have more visible metal parts or elastic O-rings that tend to turn yellow during treatment, on the other hand, Damon transparent (ceramic) braces are practically invisible.

    They provide a superior aesthetic solution for patients seeking an even more discreet treatment option.


    Will They Work For You?

    To determine if Damon’s are the right system for you, you should consult an orthodontist as this system is used to treat a variety of dental problems.

    Overbite, an under bite, uneven teeth or crowded teeth are some of the dental problems that the Damon’s system can solve, just like traditional braces.

    Desired results can be achieved with another style of braces, although some orthodontists prefer to use Damon to correct dental problems in patients.