Prices for Adult Braces in Mexico

Price in USA/Canada: USD 5,000, in Mexico you can Save: 82%

The adult braces in Mexico are becoming an orthodontic treatment embraced like never before.

A survey by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) showed that the rate of people over 18 with braces grew 14 percent from 2010 to 2012. Everyone wants a beautiful smile!

That brought the number of adults with braces in the United States and Canada to over a million.

The most common types of braces in adults are traditional braces (metal braces/stainless steel braces), Damon braces, followed by braces ceramic, and finally Invisalign and lingual braces.

Remember that it is always better to choose orthodontists than general dentists.

Adult Braces Cost In Mexico

Average Cost For Adult Braces in Mexico
Adult Braces Cost In TijuanaUSD 500 to 2,031Adult Braces Cost In CancunUSD 950 to 1,000
Adult Braces Cost In NogalesUSD 1,985Adult Braces Cost In Nuevo LaredoUSD 1,028 to 2,516
Adult Braces Cost In Nuevo ProgresoUSD 500 to 600Adult Braces Cost In Playa del CarmenUSD 1,000 to 2,080
Adult Braces Cost In Puerto VallartaUSD 797Adult Braces Cost In Los AlgodonesUSD 1,500

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