Cancun Smile


Cancun is perfect for relaxing, but with a dental clinic, Cancun Smile can combine vacation and repair teeth.

This is a dentist who is equipped with the latest technology and modern dental laboratories.

For all that work using modern equipment and the best materials on the market.

Cancun Smile is a health clinic dedicated to providing dental care services in the center of the resort city of Cancun.

Using modern techniques and technologically advanced materials, seeks to provide a service according to the priorities and needs of our patients, always giving attention and kind treatment in a crucial moment like the visit to a new dentist.

We have over 30 years of professional service in dental care as well as prizes from different companies that carry census statistics to control servers, dental doctors, we have been nationally recognized with the symbol of quality and prestige for many years in a row Mexico’s dentists.

We have cutting edge equipment and materials to ensure adequate cross-infection control, dental laser treatment for caries removal and bleaching without anesthesia, ultrasonic equipment for cleaning and curettage, panoramic X-rays, Invisalign (orthodontics without braces), titanium implants and bone grafts, neural therapy, and the most advanced services in dentistry contemporary.

Our dentists provide him with the importance of technical and hygiene items as a precaution to prevent oral diseases and major disruptions that could jeopardize their health and ostensibly affecting its economy.

What are you waiting for? If you have any dental problem, if you want to improve their health cosmetic dentistry, beautiful smile, the self-confidence, Cancun Smile is the surest way to achieve this; our dentists will tell you how.

We provide a service and gracious hospitality to our patients in an atmosphere of comfort and kindness! We waited in Cancun Smile; we have the perfect dentist for you.

Cancun Smile - Prices


$900 USD


Depends on Treatments


$180 USD


Depends on Treatments


$300 USD


Depends on Treatments


$700 USD


Depends on Treatments


$350 USD


Depends on Treatments


$40 USD


Depends on Treatments

Cancun Smile - Dentists

Dr. Guillermo A. Cabrera R. Orthodontist

Bachelor U.N.A.M. as Dental Surgeon 73-76. Specialist in Orthodontics and Orthodontic A.O.M.E.I. Dentist pioneer in Cancun with 32 years of private practice always concerned about applying the knowledge and cutting edge dental technology.

National Award for Dentistry for the state of Quintana Roo in 1999 awarded by the National College of Dental Surgeons AC
Orthodontist Re-certified by the National Board of Orthodontics.
Founding member of the Mexican Academy of Laser Dentistry.
Professional Invisalign® provider janos Dentistas A.C.

Dr. Luis Cabrera, Neuro-focal Dentist

Dr. Luis Cabrera bachelor’s degree as a Dental Surgeon in ENEPI-UNAM in Mexico City; and with over 25 years of experience in private practice in Cancun, a Certificate in ADM in 2002.
International Certificate in Quantum Medicine 2008.
Member of Dental College in Cancun from 1986 to 2010.
He speaks English, French, and Spanish.
Since 1990 he has worked extensively Neuro-focal biological dentistry, specializing in the detection and removal of blockages that affect the proper functioning organic.

Dr. Mark Shtern, Oral surgeon

Dr. Mark Shtern is a graduate of the Latin American University, located in Mexico City. He has specialized in Oral Surgery in Israel and the United States has engaged in private practice for over 15 years. In the field of oral implantology has over 10 years of experience and currently is among the first specialists in the Zzzilence procedure. He fluently speaks English, Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew. Today is Mexico’s first certified specialist in implementing Zzzilence implants.

Dr. Carlos Gerardo Cabrera, Dental surgeon

ENEPI graduate of the UNAM-1987, Surgeon dentist with over 20 years of experience in private practice, focusing on rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry.
Certificate in the ADM in 2002.
Diploma in Dental Implantology in 2003.
Member of the Dental College in Cancun 2009.

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Cancun is perfect for relaxing, but with a dental clinic, Cancun Smile can combine vacation and repair teeth.

This is a dentist who is equipped show more


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