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How to Start Your Dental Work In Puerto Vallarta

Below you will find Dentists in Puerto Vallarta and everything you need to know about starting your dental treatment, Mexico. Where you will also have an incredible vacation on beautiful beaches.

You will find help with your initial research, choosing the correct clinic for your dental needs, coordinating a dental vacation, not to mention safety and the many tourist attractions that make this town one of the most sought-after destinations for dental tourists in the United States and Canada.


It is not a mystery why thousands of Americans and Canadians flock to find Dentists in Puerto Vallarta for their dental needs every year. The cost is a huge factor. With dental prices in the US and Canada being so high, the thought of traveling to a beautiful location to get a high level of care at a fraction of the cost is very appealing.

Dentists in Puerto Vallarta have savings of up to 70% on dental treatments. There is no denying the quality and saving that you will receive by coming to Puerto Vallarta for your dental needs. Below is a cost comparison of some of the most common procedures patients require.


All On 4 in Puerto Vallarta

USD 18,000 to 22,000

Since this treatment is completed in two phases, you are only required to pay what work is completed on each phase of your treatment. So you do not have to pay this complete total all up front, but in two parts. This would be the same If you were getting the All On 6Cost of All On 6 in PV ranges from USD 18,000 to 22,000.

Full Mouth Restoration in Puerto Vallarta

USD 12,000 USD to 18,000

Unlike a Smile Makeover, a Full Mouth Restoration means working on all of the patient’s teeth and usually involves treatments in diverse fields of dentistry. Such as Endodontics, Implants, Periodontics, etc. Sending X-Rays and pictures to your clinic of interest is a great way to get a more accurate estimate for your dental treatment.

Dental Implants in Puerto Vallarta

USD 700 to 900

Make sure you check the brand of implant and its compatible components for any future implant maintenance. This is especially common with patients wearing implant supported dentures. Higher priced implants usually come with a warranty and have compatible components known worldwide such as Straumann and Nobel BioCare.

Zirconia Dental Implants in Puerto Vallarta

USD 1,950 to 2,200 

Metal free implants are very common in holistic dental treatments and provide the same stability and strength as its Titanium counterpart. Implants such as Z System and Straumann Roxolit are popular brands used in Puerto Vallarta.

Zygomatic Dental Implants in Puerto Vallarta

USD 2,200 to 2,500

This type of implant is used in special circumstances where the bone in the maxilla is not strong or dense enough to support an implant. In this case a maxillofacial surgeon will place a larger implant in the Zygoma bone, or cheek bone.

This type of surgery is an in-patient surgery and performed in a sterile operating room to prevent any possible infections. Check with your clinic representative about any extra charges for in-patient services.

Snap On Dentures In Puerto Vallarta

USD 8,500 to 10,000

This is a one trip solution to getting implant supported dentures. This implant system works with Mini Dental Implants as the male component, and an acrylic denture that snaps into them as the female component. Snap on Dentures work the best with elderly patients or people with more fragile bone.

Patients who have been edentulous and already wearing dentures for a long time are also some of the best candidates. Discuss your options and budget with your clinic representative, there will always be an alternative treatment to consider

Sinus Lift in Puerto Vallarta

USD 800 to 1,500

We have two sinus cavities in our maxilla. Commonly when there is bone loss in the posterior region of your maxilla that prevents you from having an implant placed, a maxillofacial surgeon will propose a sinus lift to augment the level of bone by lifting the sinus membrane and grafting the area for a future implant.

Some dentists charge by surgery and not include the cost of Bone Graft, which is why you may find a significant difference in prices between clinics. Other dentist will charge the surgery including any bone graft necessary for the procedure. Make sure that all costs are clear on every treatment as well as possible treatments and their costs.

Bone Graft in Puerto Vallarta

USD 200 per cc.

Bone Graft is very common with implant surgeries. A membrane is required with bone graft procedures and are is as a sort of ¨BandAid¨ to help keep the bone graft firm and solid while it integrates with the bone.

Dental Crowns in Puerto Vallarta

USD 380 to 450

Materials range from Porcelain Crowns to Zirconia. Each material has its benefits besides of its price. Porcelain Crowns in PV are in the range of USD 420, whereas Zirconia Crowns in PV range up to USD 450. Fun Fact!.

Porcelain gives you a much more “true to natural look” since it captures the translucency of the enamel. This is ideal for veneers and anterior teeth. Zirconia is much stronger than porcelain and still gives a great aesthetic look, which is why this material is recommended for bridges and posterior teeth.

If you have a different preference, such as Gold Crowns, feel free to ask your clinic representative about the costs of gold and if their lab is qualified to do them. Gold Crowns in Puerto Vallarta are in the range of USD 600. The price of Gold and the number of grams needed for the crown are a factor with pricing.

Dental Veneers in Puerto Vallarta

USD 420 each

Looking for the perfect smile? Of course! To enhance your smile or fix small chips of fractures veneers are minimally evasive and conserve more tooth structure than a crown, which is what is popular about them. Getting a Smile Makeover in Puerto Vallarta (12-18 veneers) will run in the range of USD 5,000 to 7,500.

Composite Resin Veneers in Puerto Vallarta

USD 150 to 200

These are essential non-prep veneers using composite resin. This an affordable way to achieve aesthetic results without the need to remove some of your enamel. The price is about half of the cost of a porcelain veneer; However, it is not as long-lasting and durable as porcelain and can be prone to staining and chipping over time.

Lumineers in Puerto Vallarta

USD 420

Non-prep veneers are similar to a contact lens in their thinness, and do not have the same problems with staining or chipping that composite resin veneers have. With good maintenance, Lumineers give great permanent, and very aesthetic, results.

Lumineers are made for the anterior teeth only (Canine to Canine) and purely for aesthetic reasons. The cost of a full set of Lumineers in Puerto Vallarta (8-12 teeth) will range from USd 3,300 to 5,000.

Invisalign Braces in Puerto Vallarta

USD 2,000 to 4,500

Imaging fixing your malocclusion issues without the hassle or costs of going to the dentist every month for adjustments? Invisalign will take care of this problem for you.

This orthodontic system works by designing a series of mouth guards to shift your teeth in the proper position, as with braces, but with less hassle.

You will be given all the mouthguards, or ¨Trays¨ necessary to complete your treatment on your own without having to visit the dentist for adjustments. You simply change out your Tray every 15 days until your teeth are arranged in the proper position. Treatment time frames vary by complexity, however once your treatment is complete your dentist should be aware in case you require some sort of splint or guard to help maintain your teeth in their new position.

Root Canal in Puerto Vallarta

USD 200 to 250

This is a treatment that usually requires following procedures: A post and Core Build up, and ideally a Crown. Post and Core Build Up in Puerto Vallarta range from USD 100 to 150 and is needed to build up the structure of the tooth that was removed after the root canal. It provides strength and stability and prevents possibility of the tooth fracturing.

A Dental Crown will be recommended after a Root Canal as a further preventive measure. It also provides esthetics and better functionality. Crowns in Puerto Vallarta range from USD 380 to 450


Choosing the right clinic for your specific needs anywhere in the world requires research and attention to detail. For example, you would not go to a cardiologist if suffering from arthritis. This same rule applies in the dental field must ensure that your needs are attended to by a specialist for the type of dentistry your work requires, as not every DDS is an experienced doctor.

How do I know if my dentist is a specialist in his/her field?

First of all, you would want to verify their Educational Background, Diplomas, and certifications. Take into consideration the time practicing, advanced education courses they take, and reviews.

You can also verify dentists´ licenses on government websites to verify they are allowed to practice in Mexico and have no claims for malpractice.

To obtain certification in Dentistry in Mexico, one must study 4 -5 years (Depending on the University) before earning their title as a Doctor of Dental Science. From that point, dentists will choose a field in which to specialize. Such as;

  • Endodontics – (Performs root canals and similar treatments).
  • Oral Maxillofacial Surgery – (Placement of implants, Sinus Lifting, Bone Graft, extractions, Orthognathic Surgery).
  • Prosthodontics – (Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, and other restorative or cosmetic procedures).
  • Orthodontics – (Braces, Invisalign).
  • Periodontics – (Working with soft tissues, ligaments, and surrounding structures of the teeth).
  • Pediatrics – (Dental Treatments of children).

Each of these specialties has its rigorous tests and examinations and hones the doctor´s skill and knowledge in their respective fields. To be considered a specialist, in any of the treatments mentioned, dentists must spend five to eight years to complete each specialty is important because it will show you the skill level, knowledge, and experience that you should receive at that clinic.

How do I choose between clinics and what clinic advantages should I be looking for?

Another important factor to consider is the materials and technology that is being used at the clinic. It is proven that working with digital dentistry there is reduced risk of problems occurring during the treatment, as well as problems that could occur years after.

You want to make sure that your Dental Clinic in Puerto Vallarta has state of the art technology available to make your experience as safe, accurate and minimally invasive as possible.


Some Dental technology available in Puerto Vallarta are:

Another surgical guided tool for oral surgeons to use to place implants. This technology gives a live feed of the surgery to the doctor and insures the proper placement and depth of each implant.

Surgical Guiding
Computer guided surgery used by oral surgeons to plan the path of the implant before even placing it. This makes placement of implants virtually perfect and minimally evasive.

3D CBCT Imaging (3D X-Ray)
Used for proper diagnosis of cases. More thorough than panoramic x-rays.

Dental Microscopes
Lets root canal specialists see into the smallest of crevices to identify infection, fractures or other irregularities.

Intraoral Scanners
Alternative to taking impressions. This allows a much more comfortable experience for the patients and allows the doctors and technicians to work quicker and with more accuracy than a two-step alginate impression.

Hard and Soft Tissues Lasers
Such as the LANAP system for periodontal treatments, or even the Waterlase IPlus system for minimally evasive treatments of cavities, etc.

CAD/CAM Laboratory
Computer aided Design/Computer Aided Milling. This technology allows technicians to create your dental restorations (Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Implant Supported Dentures, etc.) to the perfect anatomy, and dimensions to support a correct and stable bite.

It is important to consider these technological advances when choosing a clinic as research shows that these state-of-the-art tools allows doctors to do a better job, increases efficiency and time needed to complete treatments, reduces treatment costs, and more importantly, reduces harm to patients and lowers risks involved in surgery.

What Materials should I be looking for?

As many of you are looking to travel for your dental needs you should consider future maintenance of your dental work. In the case of dental implants, it is important that you make sure that implant brands are recognized in your country. Well know brands of implants such as Straumann and Nobel BioCare are recognized worldwide and even offer warranties on their implants.

The problems that are common with working with subpar implants are difficulty providing implant maintenance in your country and implant failure.

For restorative work such as crowns, veneers, composite resin, etc you want to make sure that the material comes from a respectable source such as Ivoclar Vivadent, who is one of the leading brands in dental materials in the world.

Straumann Implants

Brands like these may offer warranties on their work, and are recognized worldwide for having positive long-term results.


Some dental clinics will be able to accept your insurance directly, make sure to ask your clinic what their policies are and if this is something they can assist you with. Those clinics and doctors will be within a specific network making it possible for them to bill your insurance directly. Other clinics may also be able to help by completing your insurance reimbursement claims for you.


In this case you would pay the clinic directly, then get reimbursed by your insurance carrier once you return home.

Delta Dental is one of most popular insurance policies in the United States.

Their Premier and PPO policies allow enrollees to obtain dental care from “any licensed dentist, anywhere in the world.” This includes all dental care, not just emergencies! For Canadians the Sunlife Insurance group also offers PPO policies for out of country dental care.

Plans to consider looking into if you have no insurance and would like an extra savings would be:
Delta Dental, Aetna Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental, Cigna Dental Insurance, DentaMax, MetLife Dental or United Concordia Dental Insurance. These insurance companies are able to reimburse you for dental insurance claims giving you that much more savings on your dental work.


Choosing a Clinic with the very best cross-infection prevention and hygiene controls is highly important. The best Clinics will provide you with full information about their sterilization methods and procedures, and will be able to demonstrate the use of appropriate sterilizing equipment, training, materials and protocols. A three-tier sterilization protocol is the norm in hygiene control so make sure your clinic is up to date and following these sterilization techniques.

Liquid Sterilization:

After scrubbing each material vigorously, the materials are soaked for 45 minutes in a liquid sterilization solution.

This solution is 100% Antibacterial and is complete in its action against viral infections such as hepatitis B, HIV, Polio etc.

Autoclaving System

This is a sterilization device that uses high temperature and pressure to steam clean the instruments. This is going above and beyond the normal measures of sterilization.

A good autoclave will reach temperatures of up to 270 degrees and will run around 30 minutes to ensure that materials are perfectly sterile.

UV Chamber

The final step of the sterilization process is to place the dental instruments into sterile packages and place them in a UV Chamber. This chamber maintains a completely sterile environment for the instruments. When the instruments are ready to use, your dentist should open the now clean packages in front of you to ensure that they are absolutely clean and sterile.


Being as Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular travel destinations in North America, English is spoken at almost every turn. Clinics who are set up to deal with international patients will surely have staff on board who speak English and many of the doctors themselves are bilingual. Make sure that you choose a clinic you are comfortable with and who you can communicate easily with.

Communication is key in reaching your dental goals, so make sure that before you arrive to Puerto Vallarta you have clearly expressed your goals and provided all of your case details so that everyone is on the same page.

Outside of the clinic you will certainly be able to get by, again, being a huge tourist attraction you will find that many locals speak English quite well and are always willing to lend a hand. You can also brush up on some phrases in Spanish to keep things interesting!.



Here are some important tips on getting ready for a successful dental vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

Stop Smoking

If you plan to get Dental Implants, this is imperative! Smoking will interfere with the healing process by restricting blood flow throughout your body and can prevent you from healing properly. A study found in the British Dental Journal found that dental implant failure was 15.8% in smokers, whereas only 1.4% of implants failed in non-smokers, Enough said.


Stop Drinking

Even though a nice cold drink on an exotic beach is what people think about when traveling to Puerto Vallarta, it is a fact that Alcohol causes increased bleeding, increases chance of infection and lowers immune functions and may interfere with the healing process. It would be good to stop drinking alcohol a minimum of 5 days prior to any dental treatment.


Notify Your Bank:

If you plan to use a credit or debit card, or pay via Wire transfer, it would be important to inform your bank about your future transactions to avoid issues with paying for your dental treatment. Banks and Credit Card companies have lots of security measures, if your bank knows you will be in Puerto Vallarta for Dental Work there should be no block on your card or setback with your payment.


Treat Your Body Right With A Halthy Diet:

A healthy diet is very important for a healthy recovery from your dental work. A well-balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, and small amount of protein will take you a long way.

It is common to have some sort of restricted or modified diet after your dental treatment. Soft diets are common after implant placement, you can find good diet ideas and recipes from your dentist or even online. Softer foods such as pastas, eggs, oatmeal, soups/broths, yogurts, are some good choices to consider.


Make Sure You Have Your Medications In Order

First of all, make sure to advise your clinic of any important conditions you may have. If you have a prescription for any specific condition please make sure that you have your medication handy. In regards to pain medicine, Mexico has strict policies on prescribing narcotics so it is advised that you bring your own prescription medication should you have a low tolerance to pain.

For patients with dental anxiety, clinics may be able to provide an anti-anxiety medications similar to Xanax to help them relax. In some cases, such as blood thinners, it would be important for your local doctor to suspend your medication prior to starting your treatment. Make sure you consult with your local doctor and/or dental coordinator about coordinating your case specifics.


Check Your Phone & Internet Plan

Staying connected in this day and age is very important. It would be a good idea to check with your phone carrier to be aware of extra charges or limitations on your plan. You can purchase international minutes ahead of time to avoid unnecessary charges.

Its best to establish the best way of communications with your clinic before traveling, It would be important to have a working number on hand in case your clinic needs to contact you, or vice versa. Other forms of communication could be Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, or even simple text.
Communications is key!

Write us to find the right dentist for your dental treatment


    Located on the Pacific Coast in the Mexican state of Jalisco, this the perfect destination for both Americans and Canadians alike. The diverse landscape, friendly locals, and great weather make this a very popular destination.

    The main attractions regarding Dental Tourism is the savings you will find, and of course, the level of expertise in the dental field.

    Many of the Dental clinics in Puerto Vallarta now work with state-of-the-art technology to insure a successful and long-lasting treatment and have years working with international patients, so clinics are tailored to meet the needs of their patients on every level, making your experience that much more personal and enjoyable.

    Many of the dentists in Puerto Vallarta are bi-lingual, so no worries about language barriers or miscommunicating an important dental issue.

    Besides the clinical benefits of dental tourism in Puerto Vallarta, other huge benefits are of course your surroundings and the amazing experiences you can find at every turn.

    The year-round warm weather makes it very popular with the ¨Snow Birds´ during the cold winter months, and for good reason!

    Puerto Vallarta is situated between the Sierra Madre Mountain range and the Beautiful Pacific Coast which leaves a wide range of activities and new experiences to enjoy.

    Things to do Puerto Vallarta

    For People who love beaches, Puerto Vallarta boasts 8 Blue Flag certified beaches, which is an honor given by the International Foundation for Environmental Education. https://www.blueflag.global/ (Palmares, Camarones, Playa de Oro, Amapas, Conchas Chinas I,

    Conchas Chinas II, Garza Blanca, and Sheraton). There are many exotic and secluded beaches to relax at after completing a dental treatment. Other unique activities people enjoy would be Whale watching, Deep Sea Fishing, Diving and Snorkeling. For Outdoor Lovers,

    you can also enjoy the beautiful Sierra Madre mountain range where you can find amazing hiking and other fun activities such as ATV´s, Ziplining, horseback riding and even a large Zoo. There just is not enough time to experience all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer in one trip!.



    Your dental vacation should be centered on the success of your dental treatment. Although you will likely want to take in the scene and enjoy all of the treats Puerto Vallarta has to offer, with proper planning you can find time to take care of your dental needs and be able to visit all the tourist attractions you have in mind.


    You want to find a good safe place to stay. Ideally your accommodations should be close to your clinic of choice, so you don’t have to take taxi´s or rent a car. Many clinics offer transportation for their patients as well, make sure to ask if this service is available with your clinic of choice.
    Many of the Dental Clinics in Puerto Vallarta are located in the tourist areas and hotel districts so finding good accommodations should not be a problem.
    Good areas to consider would be:
    Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone
    Old Vallarta (Romantic Zone)
    Marina Vallarta
    Nuevo Vallarta
    Bay of Banderas1

    Finding Accommodations:

    Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive resort, vacation rental, or even a simple Air BNB, finding accommodations in Puerto Vallarta will not be a problem. You can look at websites such as Expedia.com, Bestday.com, and even Airbnb.com to find the perfect place for you.

    When should I travel to Puerto Vallarta?

    Although there is beautiful weather and temperature all year round, Puerto Vallarta is a seasonal town in the sense of tourism. Between the months of November – February would be considered part of the high season, as many Canadians and Americans travel to avoid the freezing weather back home. This means more movement and higher hotel rates.

    Fun Fact ! Between December and March, you can experience amazing Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta. April – June would be considered the Mid – Season where rain is more scare and the weather is pleasant. You can enjoy the farmers market and take part in some of the beautiful culture events available to the public. July – October would be considered as the Low Season where room rates are much more affordable and there are less tourists.

    Looking for Adventure?

    If you have plans for a little adventure, you will find lots of it! Just make sure to coordinate with your clinic before hand as to not schedule an activity that could interfere with your dental treatment.
    You should not spend every single day of your dental vacation in the chair, and on your down days you should have plenty of time to enjoy your surroundings. With good planning ahead of time you will find that you can fit in quite a lot to your dental vacation. Make sure to Speak to your doctor about post-operative care so that you do not get into anything risky that can affect the outcome of your treatment, such as diving after placing implants.


    After a long day at the clinic you will likely want to relax at the hotel and enjoy the weather and atmosphere. You can also get out and find all the beautiful attractions that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.


    Zona Romantica

    Or Romantic Zone, is exactly as it sounds. This is a perfect place to find small cafes, bars and restaurants. You can also find very nice boutique hotels located on the beach in this area.

    The Romantic Zone is famous for its traditional red tile buildings, narrow streets and art culture. This is a great place for a walk with your loved ones and to find unique souvenirs and gifts to take back home.

    Marina Vallarta

    Is a more ¨posh¨ area where you will find luxury hotels and condos. This is also where Cruise ships come in to dock. You will find shopping centers, night clubs, and fishing and diving trips.

    The Marina is located very close to the airport in the more modern part of Puerto Vallarta.


    Beaches South Zone

    This is where you will find the most beautiful natural landscapes in the area. You will find 8 beaches with the blue flag certification, meaning that these beaches are preserved and very clean.

    You will also be close to Los Arcos national part which is one of the attractions for many tourists.

    You can also enjoy the botanical gardens in this area and take in the region´s fauna and flora. Just imagine a paradise in the midst of a tropical rain forest with beautiful streaming rivers that flow through the Sierra Madre down to the Bahia de Banderas.

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