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Cancun Dentist Prices per clinic

Cancun is a popular location for dental tourism, is famous for mouth-watering cuisine, Beautiful beaches, rich and diverse history, and friendly people, Cancun has become the Capital of Affordable Professional dental clinics, due to you can Combine vacation and a visit to the Dentist.

The Dentists in Cancun are professional and offer quality services the most important clinics are in the hotel zone. The most popular zone for its hotels, restaurants, shops and the beach is a few meters.

You can find many options in the center of town or hotel zone, some clinics offer dental travel assistance.

Many Americans and Canadians seeking out more Cost-effective and options to meet their health need in Mexico. Cancun, in particular, is the number one Destination for High Quality and Affordable dental treatments.

If you are looking for a Dentist in Cancun, you are in the right place. In our Dental Mexico Guide, you will find the most complete profile of the clinics, information, contact information, prices, even some reviews. All information for dental tourists. Here, according to your needs, you will find the Best Dentist in Cancun.

The most searched clinics in our directory are Cancun Dental Specialists, Ocean Dental Cancun, and Cancun Dental Design. Continue on this page to read the full profile of these Dentists.

Here starts your Dental Vacation in Cancun

How to Start Your Dental Work In Cancun

The affordable prices of Dentists in Cancun make The dental specialists combine low cost and high quality of service, this place combines amazing beaches and dental care to make a favorite dental tourism destination. The dentists are highly skilled and certified.

The specialists practice according to the strict protocols of the American Dental Association (ADA).

The cost here is considered a dental implant in Cabo San Lucas is less than half what it costs in the United States, for this reason, Cancun in Mexico is the good choice location for dental tourism.

Dental Prices in Cancun: Cost Comparison

It’s not a mystery why thousands of foreigners flock to Cancun for their dental needs every year. Cost of course is a big factor.

With dental prices in the US and Canada being so high, the thought of traveling to a beautiful location to get a high level of care at a fraction of the cost is very appealing. Dentists in Cancun on average have savings of up to 70% on dental treatments.

There is no denying the quality and savings that you can receive by coming to Cancun for your dental needs. Below you will find a cost comparison of some of the most common procedures patients require from Dentists in Cancun.


All on 4 in Cancun

$5,400 USD per arch

Since this treatment is completed in two phases, you are only required to pay what work is completed on each phase of your treatment. So you do not have to pay this complete total all upfront but in two parts.

Full Mouth Restoration in Cancun

Custom Price

Unlike a Smile Makeover, a Full Mouth Restoration means working on all of the patient’s teeth and usually involves treatments in diverse fields of dentistry. Such as Endodontics, Implants, Periodontics, etc. Sending X-Rays and pictures to your clinic of interest is a great way to get a more accurate estimate for your dental treatment.

Dental Implants in Cancun

$900 USD

Make sure you check the brand of implant and its compatible components for any future implant maintenance. This is especially common with patients wearing implant-supported dentures. Higher priced implants usually come with a warranty and have compatible components known worldwide such as Straumann and Nobel BioCare.

Zirconia Dental Implants in Cancun

$1,950 USD

Metal-free implants are very common in holistic dental treatments and provide the same stability and strength as their Titanium counterpart. Dentists in Cancun uses the most popular Implant brands such as Z System and Straumann Roxolit.

Snap On Dentures In Cancun

$4,180 USD per arch

This is a one-trip solution to getting implant-supported dentures. This implant system works with Mini Dental Implants as the male component and an acrylic denture that snaps into them as the female component. Snap-on Dentures work the best with elderly patients or people with more fragile bones.

Patients who have been edentulous and already wearing dentures for a long time are also some of the best candidates. Discuss your options and budget with your clinic representative, there will always be an alternative treatment to consider.

Sinuslift In Cancun

$1,500 USD per arch

We have two sinus cavities in our maxilla. Commonly when there is bone loss in the posterior region of your maxilla that prevents you from having an implant placed, a maxillofacial surgeon will propose a sinus lift to augment the level of bone by lifting the sinus membrane and grafting the area for a future implant.

Some dentists charge by surgery and not include the cost of Bone Graft, which is why you may find a significant difference in prices between clinics. Other dentists will charge the surgery including any bone graft necessary for the procedure. Make sure that all costs are clear on every treatment as well as possible treatments and their costs.

Dental Crowns in Cancun

$450 USD per crown

Materials range from Porcelain Crowns to Zirconia. Each material has its benefits besides its price. Porcelain Crowns in Cancun are in the range of $420 USD, whereas Zirconia Crowns in Cancun range up to $450 USD. Fun Fact!.

Porcelain gives you a much more “true to natural look” since it captures the translucency of the enamel. This is ideal for veneers and anterior teeth. Zirconia is much stronger than porcelain and still gives a great aesthetic look, which is an excelent material for bridges and posterior teeth.

Dental Veneers in Cancun

$450 USD per restoration

Looking for the perfect smile? Of course! To enhance your smile or fix small chips of fractures veneers are minimally evasive and conserve more tooth structure than a crown, which is what is popular about them. Getting a Smile Makeover in Cancun (12-18 veneers) will run in the range of $5,000 – $7,500 USD.

Composite Resin Veneers in Cancun

$250 USD per restoration

These are essential non-prep veneers using composite resin. This an affordable way to achieve aesthetic results without the need to remove some of your enamel. The price is about half of the cost of a porcelain veneer; However, it is not as long-lasting and durable as porcelain and can be prone to staining and chipping over time.

Invisalign Braces in Cancun

$4,500 USD 

Imaging fixing your malocclusion issues without the hassle or costs of going to the dentist every month for adjustments? Invisalign will take care of this problem for you. This orthodontic system works by designing a series of mouthguards to shift your teeth in the proper position, as with braces, but with less hassle.

You will be given all the mouthguards, or ¨Trays¨ necessary to complete your treatment on your own without having to visit the dentist for adjustments. You simply change out your Tray every 15 days until your teeth are arranged in the proper position. Treatment time frames vary by complexity, however, once your treatment is complete your dentist should be aware in case you require some sort of splint or guard to help maintain your teeth in their new position.

Root Canal in Cancun

$350 USD 

This is a treatment that usually requires the following procedures: A post and Core Build up, and ideally a Crown. Post and Core Build-Up in Cancun range from $100 – $150 USD and is needed to build up the structure of the tooth that was removed after the root canal. It provides strength and stability and prevents the possibility of tooth fracturing.

Bone Graft in Cancun

$200 USD per cc

Bone Graft is very common with implant surgeries. A membrane is required with bone graft procedures and is a sort of ¨BandAid¨ to help keep the bone graft firm and solid while it integrates with the bone.

Zygomatic Dental Implants in Cancun

$2,500 USD

This type of implant is used in special circumstances where the bone in the maxilla is not strong or dense enough to support an implant. In this case, a maxillofacial surgeon will place a larger implant in the Zygoma bone, or cheekbone.

This type of surgery is an in-patient surgery and performed in a sterile operating room to prevent any possible infections. Check with your clinic representative about any extra charges for in-patient services.


Choosing the correct clinic for your specific needs anywhere in the world requires research and attention to detail. For example, you would not go to a cardiologist if you are suffering from arthritis. This same rule applies in the dental field, you must make sure that your needs are attended to by a specialist for the type of dentistry your work requires, as not every DDS is an experienced doctor.

How do I know if my dentist is a specialist in his/her field?

first of all, you would want to verify their Educational Background, Diplomas, and certifications. Take into consideration the time practicing, advanced education courses they take, and of course reviews.

You can also verify dentist´s licenses on government websites to verify they are allowed to practice in Mexico and have no claims of malpractice.

To obtain certification in Dentistry in Mexico, one must study for 4 -5 years (Depending on the University) before earning their title as a Doctor of Dental Science. From that point, dentists will choose a field in which to specialize. Such as;


Endodontics – (Performs root canals and similar treatments).

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery – (Placement of implants, Sinus Lifting, Bone Graft, extractions, Orthognathic Surgery).

Prosthodontics – (Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, and other restorative or cosmetic procedures).

Orthodontics – (Braces, Invisalign).

Periodontics – (Working with soft tissues, ligaments, and surrounding structures of the teeth).

Pediatrics – (Dental Treatments of children).

Each of these specialties has its own rigorous tests and examinations and really hones the doctor´s skill and knowledge in their respective fields. Each one of these specialties can take another 5-8 years to complete before they can be considered as a specialist.

This is important because it will show you the skill level, knowledge, and experience that you should receive at that clinic.

How long do I need to stay in Cancun to complete my dental treatment?

Your dental vacation should be centered on the success of your dental treatment. Although you will likely want to take in the scene and enjoy all of the treats Los Cabos has to offer, with proper planning you can find time to take care of your dental needs and be able to visit all the tourist attractions you have in mind.

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  • and Enjoy the Beach of Cancun

Top Dental Clinics in Cancun

There are several dental clinics in Cancun, despite this, there are very few clinics that have the necessary technology and the treatments that you’re looking for, in conclusion, not all the Dentists in cancun do dental tourism.

Here’s a list of the Top Dentist in Cancun, with specialists in Orthodontics, Dental Implants, Veneers and Crowns, as a plus, they count with bilingual dentists so, the communication barrier will not be a problem.

Cancun Dental Specialists Top Clinic

Cancun Dental Specialistshas been open for the last 12 years, located in the Hotel Zone of Cancun and founded by Dr. Irma Gavaldon D.D.S. M.S. A.E.G.D. Call them at 1 888 231 8041

Cancun Dental Design Top Clinic

Dentist Dr. Hugo Zamora Leads Restorative Dentist At Cancun Dental Design a great option if you are looking for affordable dental implants or dentures in Cancun.

Cancun Dental Specialists by Ocean Dental Top Clinic

Ocean Dental Cancun By Cancun Dental Specialists Has Been The Leader In Dental Tourism In The Mayan Riviera For The Last 10 Years.

Calident Cancun Top Clinic

Calident Cancun offers quality care, the best technology and very affordable prices. Its team is made up of national and international dentists prepared to meet each of your needs.

Can I use my Dental Insurance in Cancun?

Some clinics accept dental insurance, is important to put in contact with the clinic before.

If you need dental assessment call us at1 888 687 4322

We can help you

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