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Dental tourist in the last years has increased due to dental prices being more lows than dental clinics in the USA, looking for Dentist in Los Cabos at Baja California Sur Mexico, become a popular destination for travelers who are looking for water activities, gourmet restaurants, and night-life.

The Dentist in Los Cabos(Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo) service prices in comparison with the dental Clinics of USA are 70% cheaper, a strong point to visit Los Cabos and get a dental checkup, the Dental Clinics are attended by professional and qualified dentists.

In our Dental Mexico Guide, you will find the most complete profile of the clinics, information, contact information, prices, even some reviews. Here, according to your needs, you will find the Best Dentist in Los Cabos.

The most searched clinics in our directory are Advanced Cabo Dentistry, Dental Station Mexico, and Cosmetic Dental Spa. Continue on this page to read the full profile of these Dentists (some have up to 25 years of experience).

How to Start Your Dental Work In Los Cabos

The affordable prices of Dentists in Cabo San Lucas make The dental specialists combine low cost and high quality of service, this place combines amazing beaches and dental care to make a favorite dental tourism destination. The dentists are highly skilled and certified.

The specialists practice according to the strict protocols of the American Dental Association (ADA).

The cost here is considered a dental implant in Cabo San Lucas is less than half what it costs in the United States, for this reason, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is the good choice location for dental tourism.

Dental Prices in Los Cabos: Cost Comparison

Average Implant Crown Cost in Mexico


Implant Crowns can be of a couple of materials, Metal-Metal Fused to Porcelain, Gold, All Porcelain, Zirconia.

These are the average prices for implant crowns in Mexico, Get a quote and find out more regarding these treatments at the following links.

Prices for Metal-Fused to Porcelain Implant Crown usually cost around
USD 250 to 370
Gold implant crown costs aroundUSD 400 to 750
All Porcelain Crowns Cost aroundUSD 300 to 550
Zirconia CrownsUSD 350 to 600

Before & After Composite Veneers in los Cabos


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How long do I need to stay in Los Cabos to complete my dental treatment?

Your dental vacation should be centered on the success of your dental treatment. Although you will likely want to take in the scene and enjoy all of the treats Los Cabos has to offer, with proper planning you can find time to take care of your dental needs and be able to visit all the tourist attractions you have in mind.

  • Location
  • Accommodations
  • Travel to Los Cabos
  • Eats and Dinners
  • Car Rent
  • and Enjoy the Beach of Los Cabos

Can I use my Dental Insurance in Los Cabos?

Some clinics accept dental insurance, is important to put in contact with the clinic before.

If you need dental assessment call us at 1 888 687 4322

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Dentists in Los Cabos

Advanced Cabo Dentistry is a team of Specialists In Implantology & Cosmetic Restorations Implantology, restorative, and also cosmetic dentistry.Located in Los Cabos, the dental office is attended by Dr. Dr.h.c. Thomas

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We are dental professionals deliver good quality dental care in general dentistry. We provide dental care like Endodontics, orthodontics, Prosthodontics and maxillofacial surgery with a team who are highly experienced and who

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We are a group of professional dentists and specialists in different treatments, which decided to unite their knowledge to provide the best service in oral health. We are the best dentistry team in Cabo San Lucas. Come and meet

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Cosmetic Dental Spa has fully equipped modern clinics that are among the highest standards of technology in Mexico.While this provides customers with more options for treatment, we also protect you with outstanding

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Cosmetic Smile Cabo is a modern dental family concept that is focused in providing high tech professional dental services to obtain an excellent dental diagnosis and treatment.We are a team with up to date skills and

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OK Dental Center has 13 years offer dental services to both local and international patients, from USA and Canada. We got specialists in orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and endodontics. We can attend since simple extraction,

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The clinic has the best technology and owns a laboratory for making the work faster and convenient for the patient, so we can for porcelain crowns and veneers, as well as dentures, repairments, Bridges, and partials at a minimum

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Dental Sunset offers extractions, inlay/onlays, home whitening kit, crowns, veneers, dentures, and root canal therapies. We treat both local and international patients. Dental Sunset is located in, Cabo San Lucas at popular

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For those in Cabo San Lucas looking for affordable dentistry carried out in a modern, high-tech environment, Maxi-Med Los Cabos is an excellent option. From emergency treatment to complex maxillofacial surgery, the experienced

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Dentist Cabo provide comprehensive cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile.Dr. García has extensive, specialized training in general dentistry and implants. His exceptional technical skills enable him to attend a wide

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