Scientists Just Discovered How to Regrow Full Teeth Using Lasers

The power of medical technology never ceases to amaze people Recent studies show that scientists discovered a rather groundbreaking technique to regrow teeth using lasers.

The brilliant minds behind this breakthrough are scientists from Harvard University.

People can expect that, without a doubt, this technology can yield promising results that can give numerous people the chance to smile with no insecurities.


You may be wondering how this technology works. It is known to regrow teeth with the use of a low-power laser beam that can trigger human dental stem cells that help form the hard tissue called dentin.

Dentin is like the foundation of the tooth, as it makes up most of a tooth’s mass.

When this technology continues to develop, dentures and fillings will be soon obsolete. Imagine that?

The mere thought of this kind of innovation is outstanding in itself. Stem cells are known to be challenging to manipulate, but scientists nonetheless are absorbed by the fact that stem cells have the power to replenish or repair damaged tissues.

Another fact about stem cells is that each type can only match a certain body function, thus a single stem cell cannot treat multiple conditions.

There are many complexities about this therapy, which limits its potential to a certain level.

But then again, we can never really know how fast technology can evolve in a few years’ time.

What is evident with this laser-based theory is that technology is a powerful tool that will continue to progress.

The usage of laser is a good example of how stem cell therapy has evolved. What doctors used to do is quite a tedious and extensive task.

Preceding techniques involved the isolation of stem cells then are brought to a laboratory for manipulation.

This would take some time, as doctors need to wait for the cells to grow into a certain kind of cell that a patient needs.

Naturally, this kind of technique can be very dawdling and may not be ideal for patients who need treatment right away.

Now with this laser technology for dental regrowth, there are limitless possibilities for people to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

Instead of using prosthetics like dentures or spending on recurring visits for fillings, people can actually have new teeth generated.


Notwithstanding, it is vital to know that the first line of defense to avoid decaying teeth is to take good care of one’s teeth.

It is wise to be well equipped with useful tips, tricks, and precautions to keep a healthy smile.

Some of these include brushing the teeth at least twice a day, flossing after meals or when needed, having regular dental check-ups, and ingesting the needed calcium intake for one’s age.

Dental care is also quite dependent on one’s lifestyle. For example, smoking and caffeine can be detrimental to one’s dental health.

Substances like tar can stain the teeth and cause bad breath as well.

Coffee and tea are also known to cause teeth discoloration. A little research on the Internet can be of great help to know helpful and rather easy tips that can keep one’s teeth healthy and worry-free!

At the end of the day, it is still good to know that people are given alternatives on how to improve their health.

There was a time that cell regeneration was taboo, but now its development is outstanding and very impressive.

In a few more years, there will be more opportunities for people to have better dental care, and overall well-being altogether.