Dental Anxiety Management


Fear of the dentist is unfortunately very common and it prevents many people, who need help in improving their dental health, from going to the dentist’s office.

Considering how dental health is important, today we have specialists in dental anxiety management.

Depending on the patient, these specialists also consult with the dentist and psychologist when needed.

Methods of dental anxiety management include talking to the specialist and learning how to use various relaxation techniques and how to cope with negative ideas about the dental procedures.


Also, patients learn various distraction techniques that should put their minds away from contemplating the procedure.

Since fear of pain is central in many dental anxieties, additional consultation on anesthesia (pain-free injections) and sedation is also an option.

The dentist is also required to wait with the procedure until there is no sensation in the teeth or general anesthesia can be used if the patient decides so.